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Products Page 3: Smoked Grillers

Smoked Grillers are our hot dog sized product. They are medium ground using the same receipe as our rings. Stuffed into natural hog casings, hand linked and smoked so they are ready to heat and eat. The last time you saw franks like these, a linked string of dogs, was probably as a plastic decoration in a gourmet meat department. Ours are the real thing, delicious, and made just like they were 100 years ago. Now available in a variety of types.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

A string of grillers usually has 8 links. Average 4 links to a pound.

Grillers will be vac-packed for shipping.

Smoked Kielbasi Grillers are seasoned just like our famous Smoked Kielbasi.
Smoked Kielbasi Grillers Price: $6.59 per pound.

Smoked Extra Lean Kielbasi Grillers are made with leaner pork loin and the same famous Kielbasi seasoning.
Smoked Extra Lean Grillers Price: $6.79 per pound.

Smoked Hot Kielbasi Grillers have crushed red pepper and paprika to add some zest.
Smoked Hot Kielbasi Grillers Price $6.69 per pound.

Smoked Double Garlic Grillers use our same famous Kielbasi seasoning with twice the garlic.
Smoked Double Garlic Grillers Price: $6.79 per pound.

Porketta Grillers are 100% pork with porketta seasoning.
Smoked Porketta Grillers Price: $6.89 per pound.

Smoked Cheese Kielbasi Grillers combine our delicious kielbasi seasonings with a cheddar cheese.
Smoked Cheese Kielbasi Grillers Price: $6.99 per pound.

Turbasi Grillers are made with 100% boneless, skinless turkey thighs, with 1/3rd less salt.
Smoked Turbasi Grillers Price: $6.99 per pound.

Chicketta Grillers are 100% boneless, skinless, chicken thighs, 1/3rd less salt with proketta seasoning.
Smoked Chicketta Grillers Price: $6.89 per pound.

Buffalo Chicken Grillers are 100% boneless, skinless, chicken thighs, and hot wing sauce to add a little spice.
Buffalo Chicken Grillers Price: $6.89 per pound.

New! Hot Turbo Grillers Price: $6.99 per pound.

Pork Bar-B-Q Grillers Price: $6.89 per pound.

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