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Products Page 1: Kielbasi and Turbasi

OurSmoked Kielbasi,also called Kielbasa, is made using an old family recipe originating in Austria. We use natural beef casings, course ground pork 90%, course ground beef 10%. The purest spices and seasonings are added before it is ground, mixed and stuffed. It is hand stuffed, cut, clamped, then smoked with a combination of real hickory and cherry wood in our German smokehouse. Our time tested process results in consistent high quality, delicious, old-fashion kielbasi. While smoking, it is brought to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, allowing for short easy serving preparation. Just place in water, bring to a boil, turn down and simmer for 20 minutes. Sold by the ring, averaging 1.5lbs each, our smoked kielbasi has been our best selling product for over 50 years.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Vacuum Packed Smoked Kielbasi $6.39 lb.

Fresh Kielbasi Price: $5.99 per pound.(store pickup only, cannot be shipped)

Our Smoked Turbasi is made using the same old world recipe except instead of using pork and beef it is made with 100% fresh boneless-skinless turkey thighs and one-third less salt. Lower in fat and sodium we call this our healthy alterative. It is made, smoked and prepared the same way as our famous kielbasi and many of our customers tell us that they can hardly tell the difference. A must try for those on a diet or with cardiac concerns. Average 1.5lbs.

Smoked Turbasi Price(Vac-Packed): $6.79 per pound.

Fresh Turbasi Price: $5.39 per pound.(store pickup only, cannot be shipped)

Double Smoked Turbasi Price: $6.99 per pound.


We now have Hot Kielbasi
Price: $6.49 per pound

Double Garlic Smoked Kielbasi
Price: $6.49 per pound

Double Smoked Kielbasi Price: $6.89 per pound

Smoked Cheese Kielbasi Price: $6.69 per pound

Smoked Extra Lean Kielbasi: $6.59 per pound

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